How can your company manage to cooperate with Sophia Calate?

Over the years Sophia Calate has built up a strong community and a large and continuously growing number of followers on YouTube and Instagram.
She reaches hundreds of thousands to millions of people with her videos and postings. Well-known and established companies have already recognized the potential of the advertising effectiveness of Sophia's social media channels.
Sophia attaches a high value to promoting your company or product authentically in a target-oriented manner. From vehicle presentations to events, lifestyle products, hotels, travel reviews or clothing, a broad range of products can be successfully integrated into Sophia's social media channels. In addition, she is a passionate presenter and can do moderations for television programs or at trade fairs and events professionally and appealing to the audience.

This is what Sophia Calate offers
- Advertising videos on YouTube & Instagram
- Product placements in Sophia's social media channels
- Advertising postings via Instagram feed or story
- Moderation on TV, at trade fairs events or similar projects

If you are interested in starting a cooperation, sponsoring or receiving Sophia Calate`s Media Kit, please contact us with a short description of your planned project.



These companies have already worked together with Sophia Calate: